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Cardiff Castle and Castle Coch

First things first: It is NOT castle coCK. Coch is the Welsh word for red. It’s Red Castle. Are we clear? Good.
Here is the long awaited (by no one I’m sure) blog post dedicated to the two castles I visited when I was living in Cardiff. I’m dreadfully disappointed in myself, actually. Wales has the most castles per square mile in the world, and I didn’t see nearly enough. All the more reason to go back!
Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is conveniently located smack-dab in the middle of City Centre. The castle walls are massive, and the land itself also includes a park (mentioned in this post). Another bonus? Residents of Cardiff can get the “key to the castle” to get in for free anytime they want as well as discounts off purchases.

There are so many rooms to explore in the castle grounds. You can walk yourself around, or there are free audio tours that take you everywhere.

I definitely suggest doing the tour. It costs a little extra, but it is so worth it. They have an awesome philosophy whe…

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