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Book Review - In The Name of the Children by Jeffrey L. Rinek and Marilee Strong

*I have received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for a review.
In a conscious effort to read books outside my comfort zone, I chose to read In The Name of the Children by Jeffrey L. Rinek and Marilee Strong. Jeffrey Rinek is a former FBI agent working in the missing and murdered children’s section of the department. This true crime memoir is not something I would normally pick up. In fact, it’s something I normally avoid. This story is about Rinek’s time at the FBI following some of the cases that most made an impression on society or him. Rinek shares heart-breaking and harrowing stories about the literal scum of the Earth. There are stories of eye-opening betrayals, parents who lack love towards their children, manipulations, and also the story of the emotional strain it caused him over the years. There were moments that made me angry and also well up with tears. This is Rinek’s apology letter to his family for the way his role affected them, and a love letter to the F…

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