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Goals Update

Hello everyone! This may be short and sweet in an effort to get to bed early. However, it has been a while and I feel the need to check in. As you can probably tell, the goals I set in the past have not worked out the way I wanted them to. I’m still trying to learn and figure out what works for me.
Every time I get on a roll, my routine is disrupted by travel or a spontaneous night out that leads to a lazy hangover day or it’s half-term and my entire day has completely shifted.  

Like I said, I’m learning. 

Right now, I’m in a good routine. I’m cleaning and staying organised and learning my Italian. I’ve realised that the days I’m the most productive are on Sundays. I forgive myself for wasting Saturdays because I will get everything done on Sundays. If I’m dead tired one day and don’t put my clothes away, I get back on my feet and do it the next day. It has been a huge shift in realising what is realistic. For example, I wrote this post yesterday, but I was realistic and didn’t post it …

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