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Lessons Learned - First Year Teaching Edition

Seeing as the first week of school has passed and the real year is about to start, I think it is an appropriate time to share what I have learned in my first year as a teacher.
I shared my knowledge on studying abroad, and I think it reached a few people who needed it. Now, I want to do the same for first year teachers.
Teaching is difficult in the UK. There is a lot of pressure on teachers and there is a heavy workload. My friends back in Canada don’t have to deal with the same system, but I hope there is a small tidbit you can take from this.
1.Find your Marigold
Before I started last year, I read an amazing article titled “find your marigold.” Apparently, other plants grow really well when they are next to a marigold. Using that as a metaphor, the writer of this article encourages first years to find the person who is going to help THEM grow.
I am lucky enough to have my marigold in my department. She connects with me on so many levels, works with me to make things better, and …

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